High-end 32” LED Computer Monitor for Exhibitions & Events


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Our commercial grade 32” computer LED backlit LCD Screen featuring AMVA+ panel technology, guarantees accurate and consistent colour reproduction with wide viewing angles.

Samsung DC32E DCE Series - 32" Computer LED display

Captivate your audience with stunning, Full HD images and crisp text on Samsung DCE series displays. This digital signage solution gives you the essential functionality you need to easily produce attention-grabbing messages. Its slim, lightweight design makes installation a snap compared with cumbersome conventional displays, saving you needless start-up expenses. The displays feature direct LED BLU technology for rich picture quality, low power consumption and reduced operating costs.


Key Features
  • Attract customers with optimized 16/7 performance
  • MagicInfo Lite can display video and images on demand or from a preprogrammed content schedule
  • Easily manage digital signage with a versatile connectivity
  • Full HD ensures high-resolution images and text for consistently compelling promotional content
Whats in the box?
  • Samsung DC32E
  • Remote control
  • Serial adapter
  • Batteries
Product Features
  • Attract customers with optimized 16/7 performance
    Engage customers and vividly display business messaging with Samsung DCE series SMART Signage, featuring high picture quality and reliable 16/7 usage. With a slim, sleek design for extended indoor use in retail stores, small businesses and corporate conference rooms and offices, DCE series displays stunningly present a range of immersive and timely information with captivating picture quality.
  • MagicInfo Lite player
    MagicInfo Lite player uses a sophisticated technology to play a huge range of content including video, images, photos on demand, or from a schedule. Customers can easily play files from, or transfer between, the large internal memory or external USB devices plugged into the in-built port.
  • Control displays in multiple locations easily and instantly
    MagicInfo Lite solution that comes with the embedded media player extends the remote content management over network through MagicInfo server. Media contents of the USB memory stick plugged in to the back of the DCE series displays can be scheduled to play from a remote PC. The connection to MagicInfo server also allows remote monitoring and management of the DCE series displays. Device information, content playback schedules, network data monitoring, time scheduling, alarms and various controls are all available remotely even without being in front of the displays.
  • Easily manage digital signage with a versatile connectivity
    Connect the display to other digital signage easily with interfaces based on your specific needs. The displays provide not only the essential connections businesses use the most but support for a wide range of source device types. Interfaces include HDMI, DVI, D-sub, composite input as well as RJ-45 port for extensive connectivity.